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Helping promote optimal mental & behavioral health


Our practice has techniques to strengthen life skills, self-worth, and independence through therapeutic application counseling resulting in recovery and rehabilitation in community-based environments.


With the behavioral and mental health services we offer, we want to help at-risk youth, children, and adolescents lead healthier lives and overcome their personal struggles.

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Our Focus

Our focus is to give our community a better life through therapeutic counseling and support.

Who We Are

At Therapeutic Application Practice, we have comprehensive experience in helping people cope with their mental and behavioral health issues. By providing intensive in-home services and mental health skill-building, we assist adolescents and adults in achieving positive growth and development.

Therapeutic Application Practice is committed to providing high-quality, person-centered, family-focused, and community-based services and meet the unique mental and behavioral health needs of every individual we serve. With our trust, care, and experience, you are well-guided by our professionals.

Here at TAP, we practice a Person-centered philosophy which refers to our core belief of focusing on the needs of each person to provide a highly customized type of support. The Person-Centered Planning approach is one that emphasizes the unique needs of each person, which we use to guide our supports and services.

We are SWAM Certified
SWAM Certfied